Some A’s to your Q’s

If you have not find an answer to your question, please contact us. We will be happy to get to know you and help solving a problem or a question you may have.


Do you sell sneakers and clothes?

We do not directly sell sneakers or clothes to the end customer (except for our merch), but we organise events with a selection of shops and brands, and from them you can buy sneakers at our event.

Do I need a ticket?

From the age of 10 onwards, you must hold a ticket to attend the event. Children up till the age of 9 can enter the festival free of charge when accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket. Snkm recommends all children under 18 attend with an adult. However, we would advise you not to bring any (very young) children.

Can I pay on site?


Can I pay with credit/debit card at the event?

Some exhibitors are accepting credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. But just to be sure, bring enough cash with you to avoid any disappointment. For food and drinks you surely can pay by card.

Why does my name appear on all tickets?

This happens when you buy multiple tickets at once. Don’t worry, the other person(s) will also have access to the event.

Can I change ticket dates?

No, you will have to buy new tickets.


How to get to the event?

From Antwerp Central you take tram 2 (Merksem-Hoboken) or tram 6 (Airball-Olympiad). Or hop on bus 17 (Rhine Quay- UZA Wilrijk) or bus 22 (Greenhouse - UZA Wilrijk). Or take the train to Antwerp South and walk for about 20 minutes until you reach Antwerp Expo.

Is there a car park near the event location?

Yes, Vogelenzanglaan 6 Parking (free or charge).

Persons with reduced mobility

The festival is accessible to people with reduced mobility.


Can I have a press / media accreditation?

You are a journalist, photo/videographer, content creator? Accreditation requests should be sent by email to contact@snkm.be

Image rights

Snkm is a paid event open to all. During the event photographs will be taken and published for promotional purposes on:

- Website
- Other media (e.g.: press, pages managed by Snkm, etc.)

Processing of photo’s data

The photos taken and published are used for communication and promotional purposes around the Snkm event.

Your rights

There is a great deal of agreement in jurisprudence and the doctrine that when a person is exposed in public, for example in a public place, they give their implied consent. This consent is inferred from the concrete circumstances. Similarly, no authorization is in principle required to take and use images of a crowd.However, if you are the main subject of a photo, even if the primary objective is to «show» the activities and atmosphere of the festival, you have the right to oppose:

- When taking the photograph and/or
- To the release of this one.

You can tell your opposition directly to the photographer on the day of the event or afterwards by sending an email to contact@snkm.be.

More information on the subject: https://www.datasafeguard-authority.be/right-image



Our pet friends are not allowed on the entire site for reasons of hygiene, safety and their own well-being. Small exception for guide dogs.

Objects / items

- All kinds of flammable substances
- Sharp items
- Any drug of illegal substance
- Weapons
- Professional photo/video
- Music speakers or any kind of sound system

Can I bring my own food and drinks inside?

No, it is forbidden to bring your own food and drinks inside the festival.

Flyers distribution

For reasons of cleanliness, ease of cleaning, preservation of the site but also of aesthetics, the distribution of flyers and posters on the festival grounds and on its entire periphery is strictly subject to a prior agreement of the organization.

Exhibitors & partners

Seller / exhibitor / partner / sponsor

You want to work with us? If it is event related check this page. If you want to talk about a general partnership, send an email to collab@snkm.be

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