High Lovers Club

Comfortable and aesthetic inspired by art and vintage nostalgia

High Lovers Club is a clothing brand that was founded in Belgique in 2022 under the aegis of Capi. The brand name reflects the essence of its products, all of which are quality pieces designed to last over time. The terme « High » symbolizes the desire to offer high-end products, while the « Lovers » evokes the mood of lively discussions around various subjects such as love for our passion, our family or our relationships. Finally, the « Club » embodies the team spirit that unites all members, a value acquired through various life experiences, whether in sport or teamwork. For Capi, it was important to pay tribute to his grandparents and parents, creating a brand inspired by the aesthetics of the 1960s and the culture of the 1990s. High Lovers Club is thus a harmonious marriage between these two eras that have marked the history of fashion, sport and music.

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